Our story

The story begins with my journey to Islam and discovering a spiritual dimension which I have never experienced. From not understanding what my purpose is in the world, it leads me to a mission to understand knowledge and action. I come to understand knowledge is fundamental but without action it is useless. 

The more I understood the more I try to implement, however there was soo much to learn. Therefore I wanted to understand what is the quickest way to Paradise? I come to know the heaviest deed on the day of judgment will be good character. 
I then embark on a journey of understanding the character of our Prophet sallalahu alahi wa salaam. I am blown away, speechless. I am in awe of his characteristics. He is soft and gentle but strong and swift to take action if any injustice occurs to others. He spends most of his time with time with the poor and vulnerable and seeks to uplift them, yet he holds the highest position in the eyes of God. All vye for his attention or just a solitary glance. He is truly an embodiment of what perfect balance looks like.
However, the journey is not without challenges:
1. Misconception: The belief that the Prophet's character is irrelevant in today's world persists, despite its timeless nature.
2. Character not a priority: A prevailing focus on intra-refutation culture drains community energy, exacerbating problems.
3. Lack of practitioners: While acquiring knowledge is common, finding individuals with transformed characters proves elusive.
4. Isolation: Embarking on this character refinement journey feels lonely, given its low priority for most.
The question arises: How can we collectively acquire, refine, and share the fragrance of the Prophet's character?
The Solution - Ghuraba:
Conceived with the understanding that character development is gradual, Ghuraba is born. Wearing Ghuraba serves as a constant reminder that the journey is about emulating the best creation to tread this earth. It encapsulates the ethos that character refinement is an ongoing process requiring continuous attention.
The Solution - Ghuraba is born 
It is born with this mindset that the development of character is not an overnight process and it requires constant attention for it to gradually improve in your life.
When you wear Ghuraba, you are reminded & rejuvenated, that you are on a journey to resemble the best creation that ever step foot on this earth.