Glad Tidings to the Ghuraba

Glad Tidings to the Ghuraba

Our beginning can only be described as a journey to celebrate being different. We live in time where being able to influence has never been so accessible. The good and the bad can be digested with a few clicks of a button.

However as humans we tend to be intrigued by colourful activities to sprinkle some entertainment to our daily lives. It goes without saying that being good mostly goes unheard.

This is where Ghuraba aims to deliver. We believe that if we promote and highlight individuals who are not spoken about, the strangers who look after their parents, the strangers who act with integrity with no personal interest, the strangers who put others before themselves, we can then aim to live in a better world.

That is our purpose, our passion, to bring light amongst darkness.

Join us in our journey: 

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